Ecoleg a Chadwraeth Natur


11.1       Deddfwriaeth

11.1.1    The Protection of Badgers Act 1992  (Saesneg yn unig)
11.1.2    Eels (England and Wales) Regulations 2009  (Saesneg yn unig)

11.2       Polisi a Chanllawiau

11.2.1    National Rivers Authority River Corridor Surveys: Conservation Technical Handbook 1. 1992  (Saesneg yn unig)
11.2.2    Institute for Environmental Assessment (IEA) Guidelines for Baseline Ecological Assessment 1995  (Saesneg yn unig)
11.2.3    Countryside Council for Wales Guidance Note 2: Flora Monitoring on the Gwent Levels Sites of Special Scientific Interest. Countryside Council for Wales 1996  (Saesneg yn unig)
11.2.4    Welsh Assembly Government Planning Policy Wales Technical Advice Note 10: Tree Preservation Orders 1997  (Saesneg yn unig)
11.2.5    English Nature Great Crested Newt Mitigation Guidelines 2001   (Saesneg yn unig)
11.2.6 European Commission Assessment of plans and projects significantly affecting
Natura 2000 sites. Methodological guidance on the provisions of Article 6(3) and (4) of the Habitats Directive 92/43/EEC, European Commission DG Environment 2001 
  (Saesneg yn unig)
11.2.7 South Wales Wildlife Sites Partnership Guidelines for the Selection of Wildlife Sites in South Wales. 2004   (Saesneg yn unig)
11.2.8 Monmouthshire County Council Monmouthshire Local Biodiversity Action Plan 2005   (Saesneg yn unig)
11.2.9 CIEEM Guidelines for Ecological Impact Assessment in the UK. Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management, Winchester 2006   (Saesneg yn unig)
11.2.10 DEFRA Hedgerow Survey Handbook. Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 2007   (Saesneg yn unig)
11.2.11 JNCC (2008). Information Sheet on Ramsar Wetlands (RIS): Severn Estuary. Version 3.0. 2008   (Saesneg yn unig)
11.2.12 Wales Biodiversity Partnership Guidelines for the Selection of Wildlife Sites in Wales 2008   (Saesneg yn unig)
11.2.13 Welsh Assembly Government Interim Advice Note 116/08 (W) Nature Conservation Advice in Relation to Bats. Wales Only 2009   (Saesneg yn unig)
11.2.14 Welsh Assembly Government Planning Policy Wales Technical Advice Note 5: Nature Conservation and Planning 2009   (Saesneg yn unig)
11.2.15 Natural England & CCW (The Severn Estuary / Môr Hafren European Marine Site comprising: The Severn Estuary / Môr Hafren Special Area of Conservation (SAC), The Severn Estuary Special Protection Area (SPA), The Severn Estuary / Môr Hafren Ramsar Site. Natural England & the Countryside Council for Wales’ advice given under Regulation 33(2)(a) of the Conservation (Natural Habitats, &c.) Regulations 1994, as amended. 2009   (Saesneg yn unig)
11.2.16 Newport City Council River Usk Strategy 2009   (Saesneg yn unig)
11.2.17 ARG UK Advice Note 5 - Great Crested Newt Habitat Suitability Index. Amphibian and Reptile Groups of the United Kingdom 2010   (Saesneg yn unig)
11.2.18 Environment Agency Wye and Usk Catchment Flood Management Plan 2010   (Saesneg yn unig)
11.2.19 Highways Agency Interim Advice Note 130/10 Ecology and Nature Conservation: Criteria for Impact Assessment 2010   (Saesneg yn unig)
11.2.20 JNCC Handbook for Phase 1 habitat survey - a technique for environmental audit.  Joint Nature Conservation Committee 2010   (Saesneg yn unig)
11.2.21 JNCC UK priority species pages – Version 2. UK Priority Species data collation Rhinolophus hipposideros version 2 updated on 15/12/2010. Joint Nature Conservation Committee 2010   (Saesneg yn unig)
11.2.22 Severn Estuary Coastal Group Severn Estuary Shoreline Management Plan (SMP2). Appendix I: Part B - Habitats Regulations Assessment 2010   (Saesneg yn unig)
11.2.23 Severn Estuary Coastal Group Severn Estuary Shoreline Management Plan (SMP2). The Shoreline Management Plan: Part C (Main Report) - Action Plan. – Into Water & Drainage 2010   (Saesneg yn unig)
11.2.24 Environment Agency Pollution Prevention Guidance (PPG)22: Dealing with Spills 2011  (Saesneg yn unig) 
11.2.25 Highways Agency A Review of Bat Mitigation in Relation to Highway Severance. Hundt, L. 2012   (Saesneg yn unig)
11.2.26 Bat Surveys: Good Practice Guidelines, 2nd edition, Bat Conservation Trust 2011   (Saesneg yn unig)
11.2.27 JNCC UK Post-2010 Biodiversity Framework. Joint Nature Conservation 
Committee 2012 
  (Saesneg yn unig)
11.2.28 Welsh Government Action Plan for Pollinators in Wales 2013   (Saesneg yn unig)
11.2.29 Not Allocated
11.2.30 Newport Biodiversity Partnership Newport Local Biodiversity Action Plan 2014   (Saesneg yn unig)
11.2.31 Newport City Council Wildlife and Development Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) 2015   (Saesneg yn unig)
11.2.32 CIEEM Guidelines for Ecological Impact Assessment in the UK and Ireland: Terrestrial, Freshwater and Coastal, 2nd edition. Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management, Winchester 2016   (Saesneg yn unig)
11.2.33 Highways Agency: CIRIA Habitat Translocation ‘A Best Practice Guide’ 2003**  (Saesneg yn unig)
11.2.34 EA Guidance on eel passes**  (Saesneg yn unig)

11.3       Cyhoeddiadau

11.3.1    Countryside Council for Wales Botanical Survey of Reens, Gwent Levels. 1991  (Saesneg yn unig)
11.3.2    Gilbert, G., Gibbons, D.W. and Evans, J. Bird Monitoring Methods: A manual of techniques for key UK species. RSPB, Bedfordshire.1998  (Saesneg yn unig)
11.3.3    Froglife Froglife Advice Sheet 10: reptile survey. Froglife, London. 1999  (Saesneg yn unig)
11.3.4    Bibby, C.J., Burgess, N,D., Hill, D.A. and Mustoe, S.H. Bird Census Techniques, 2nd Edition. Academic Press, London. 2000  (Saesneg yn unig)
11.3.5    Bright, P., Morris, P. & Mitchell-Jones, T. The dormouse conservation handbook (2nd edition).  English Nature. 2006  (Saesneg yn unig)
11.3.6    Bat Conservation Trust and the Institution of Lighting Engineers Bats and Lighting in the UK. Bat Conservation Trust, London, UK. 2008  (Saesneg yn unig)
11.3.7    Countryside Council for Wales (CCW) Gwent Levels: Magor and Undy Site of Special Scientific Interest. Your Special Site and Its Future 2008  (Saesneg yn unig)
11.3.8    Countryside Council for Wales (CCW) Gwent Levels: Nash and Goldcliff Site of Special Scientific Interest. Your Special Site and Its Future 2008.  (Saesneg yn unig)
11.3.9    Countryside Council for Wales (CCW) Gwent Levels: Redwick and Llandevenny Site of Special Scientific Interest. Your Special Site and Its Future 2008.   (Saesneg yn unig)
11.3.10  Countryside Council for Wales (CCW) Gwent Levels: Whitson Site of Special Scientific Interest. Your Special Site and Its Future 2008  (Saesneg yn unig)
11.3.11  Countryside Council for Wales (CCW) Gwent Levels: St Brides Site of Special Scientific Interest. Your Special Site and Its Future 2008  (Saesneg yn unig)
11.3.12  Countryside Council for Wales (CCW) Gwent Levels: Rumney and Peterstone Site of Special Scientific Interest. Your Special Site and Its Future 2008.  (Saesneg yn unig)
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11.3.15  Shawyer, C. R. Barn Owl Tyto alba Survey Methodology and Techniques for use in Ecological Assessment: Developing Best Practice in Survey and Reporting. IEEM, Winchester. 2011  (Saesneg yn unig)
11.3.16  Strachan, R., Moorhouse, T. & Gelling, M. Water vole Conservation Handbook (third edition). WildCRu: Oxford. 2011  (Saesneg yn unig)
11.3.17  Boyce Monitoring invertebrate features on Sites of Special Scientific Interest: aquatic invertebrates on the Gwent Levels: Redwick and Llandevenny SSSI, St Brides SSSI.  DC Boyce.  CCW Regional Report No. SEW/12/01. 2012  (Saesneg yn unig)
11.3.18  Boyce Monitoring invertebrate features on Sites of Special Scientific Interest: aquatic invertebrates on the Gwent Levels: Magor and Undy SSSI, Nash and Goldcliff SSSI, Newport Wetlands SSSI, Rumney and Peterstone SSSI.  DC Boyce.  CCW Regional Report No. CCW/SEW/13/3. 2013  (Saesneg yn unig)
11.3.19  Eaton M.A., Brown A.F., Musgrove A.J., Hearn R., Aebischer N.J., Stroud D.A. Birds of Conservation Concern 4: the population status of birds in the United Kingdom, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. British Birds 108, p708–746. 2015  (Saesneg yn unig)
11.3.20  Collins, J. (ed.) Bat Surveys for Professional Ecologists: Good Practice Guidelines (3rd edn), The Bat Conservation Trust, London. 2016  (Saesneg yn unig)
11.3.21 Griffith et al (2004) The Conservation of Waxcap Grasslands** (Saesneg yn unig)
11.3.22 Wright (2015) Translocation of Waxcaps** (Saesneg yn unig)
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11.3.24 The Distribution and Status of the Polecat (Mustela putorius) in Britain 20142015. Vincent Wildlife Trust** (Saesneg yn unig)
11.3.25 Bassett, S. (2013) Literature review and analysis of the effectiveness of mitigation measures to address environmental impacts on linear transport infrastructure on protected species and habitats. Natural England** (Saesneg yn unig)
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11.3.32 M4 Corridor around Newport: SSSI Mitigation Strategy  - (i ddilyn)
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11.3.35 EC Directive 79/409/EEC on the conservation of wild birds 2009** (Saesneg yn unig)
11.3.36 Convention on Wetlands of International Importance  especially as Waterfowl Habitat (Ramsar Convention)    - (i ddilyn)
11.3.37 OSPAR Threatened and/or Declining Habitats. Compiled on behalf of the OSPAR Commission by JNCC 2014  - (i ddilyn)
11.3.38 BTO WeBS Core Count Methodology (2012)** (Saesneg yn unig)
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11.4       Cyfeiriadau at SoDdGAau

11.4.1    Countryside Council for Wales Citation - Magor Marsh  (Saesneg yn unig)
11.4.2    Countryside Council for Wales Citation - Nash & Goldcliff  (Saesneg yn unig)
11.4.3    Countryside Council for Wales Citation - Redwick & Llandevenny  (Saesneg yn unig)
11.4.4    Countryside Council for Wales Citation - Rumney & Peterstone  (Saesneg yn unig)
11.4.5    Countryside Council for Wales Citation - St Brides  (Saesneg yn unig)
11.4.6    Countryside Council for Wales Citation - Whiston   (Saesneg yn unig)

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