Polisi a Chanllawiau (Cyffredinol)


5.1         Polisi

5.1.1      Welsh Assembly Government People, Places, Futures: The Wales Spatial Plan Update 2008 (Saesneg yn unig)
5.1.2      Welsh Assembly Government One Wales: One Planet 2010 (Saesneg yn unig)
5.1.3      Welsh Government Planning Policy Wales Edition 8 2016 (Saesneg yn unig)
5.1.4      Welsh Government Programme for Government 2011-2016 (Saesneg yn unig)
5.1.5      Welsh Government Wales Infrastructure Investment Plan for Growth and Jobs 2012 (Saesneg yn unig)
5.1.6    Welsh Government Wales Infrastructure Investment Plan for Growth and Jobs Annual Report including Annex: Project Pipeline Update 2015 (Saesneg yn unig)
5.1.7      Welsh Government National Transport Finance Plan 2015 (Saesneg yn unig)
5.1.9 Climate Change Strategy for Wales 2010** (Saesneg yn unig)
5.1.10 Planning Policy Wales Chapter 6: The Historic Environment, Consultation Draft** (Saesneg yn unig)
5.1.11 Taking Wales Forward 2016-2021, Welsh Government (2016)** (Saesneg yn unig)
5.1.12 Welsh Government Planning Policy Wales Edition 9 2016** (Saesneg yn unig)

5.2         Canllawiau

5.2.1    Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) Guidelines for Environmental Impact Assessment 2004 (Saesneg yn unig)
5.2.2      Well-being of Future Generations Act: National Indicators for Wales. Technical Information (2015) (Saesneg yn unig)
5.2.3      Well-being of Future Generations Act: National Indicators (2015) (Saesneg yn unig)
5.2.4      SPSF1: Core Guidance (Shared Purpose: Shared Future, Statutory Guidance on the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 (Saesneg yn unig)
5.2.5 Taking Wales Forward: Welsh Government’s Well-being Objectives (2016)** (Saesneg yn unig)

5.3         Cynlluniau Datblygu Lleol

5.3.1    Newport City Council Newport Local Development Plan 2011-2016, adopted 2015 (Saesneg yn unig)
5.3.2      Monmouthshire County Council Monmouthshire County Council Local Development Plan 2011-2021, adopted 2014 (Saesneg yn unig)
5.3.3    Monmouthshire County Council (2014) Deposit Local Development Plan Habitats Regulations Assessment (Appropriate Assessment) Addendum Report 2014 (Saesneg yn unig)
5.3.4    Cardiff City Council Cardiff Local Development Plan 2006-2026, adopted 2016 (Saesneg yn unig)

5.4        Cyhoeddiadau

5.4.1 M4 motorway: Wales' 'economic lifeblood' and commuting Achilles eel (2016)** (Saesneg yn unig)

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